Recharge your batteries at WAT Bar, Bangalore

Sterlings Mac Hotels offers wide range of Beverages to choose from International varieties of wines & spirits and cocktails. 


WAT Bar in Bangalore is the high energy bar that has an enviable collection showcasing the finest brands of beverages across the world. The signature bar in the city of Bangalore has an exceptional collection of international cocktails, wines and spirits from across the world, a true delight for connoisseurs. In Sterlings Mac Hotel lounge bar in Bangalore, each bottle of the imported beverages have been carefully handpicked and perfectly paired with the choice of appetizers and finger-foods in the menu.


WAT Bar is a visual treat with an imposing touch of ancient architecture inspired from the Angkor Wat architecture in Cambodia. The walls and pillars are classic replicas of the Khmer architecture and the sculptures draw inspiration from the traditional architectural works prevalent in ancient Cambodia. The vast stonework of the Ankor Wat has been replicated in the décor and gives patrons the magical experience of the mystical era.


A glass case of gleaming gold jewelry and semi-precious stones adorns the bar much like the veiled treasures in the ancient Angkor Wat designs. Gold and colored weaves in the seating of WAT Bar adds richness with the gold lighting overhead and underneath the pillars. The cutting design and ultra-blue hues draw a pleasant contrast to the timelessness and opulence of the traditional décor in WAT Bar.


While at WAT Bar, patrons are recommended to try the Divided Martini – a delightful blend of two concoctions separated by a delicate wall of crushed ice that goes well with the Chicken Satay, and the Orange Mojito with a fresh and sweet tangerine twist to the traditional mojito paired with the Yakitori grills.

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Sep 24 - 2017