Shebestan Restaurant

A heady aroma of spices, the tantalizing balance of flavours, and authentic décor welcome guests into the realm of Shebestan. The best of authentic Mediterranean, North West Frontier and Arabic cuisines is a temptation one simply cannot resist. In this slice of heaven, surrender your senses to the extensive and extravagant menu, the décor steeped with tradition, and the magnificent décor of valuable antiques, genuine artillery, heritage artwork & handmade collectables.

A world of its own, Shebestan welcomes guests with customary majli seating, a kahwa station and a bar counter festooned with a riot of colours of traditional Turkish lamps from Istanbul. Made with imported spices and finest ingredients, a robust meal at Shebestan includes mezze platters, Tabbouleh, Mouhammara, Sheesh Taouk, Dal Baluchi, Yakini Pulao, Kebab-e-Zubaidi and Baklawah among others. 

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