Safety and Security

Safety & Security

At Sterlings Mac Hotel & Suites, safety and security of every guest, patron and employee are of utmost importance. Starting with boom barriers and tire busters at the entry and exit, Smith baggage scanners are globally acclaimed and to the finest security personnel. State of the art security systems, stringent company policies and strict guest protocol are in place for the protection of every guest, patron and employee.

House phones have been strategically installed in all common areas on every floor of the hotel, programmed to autodial the Front Office, in case any guest requires service staff, emergency assistance and/or is unable to access a communication device or call upon the hotel staff for any reason. Each floor also has three emergency exits, three guest elevators and two service staff elevators.

Every employee undergoes regular and strict mock drills and first aid administration. At any point of time, staff members trained in emergency response are always present and can keep an eagle eye inside the property, courtesy of the atrium-style building. The building is equipped with motion sensor cameras, fitted with smoke detectors & alarms, sprinklers, fire hydrants and fire panels in each floor.

To ensure the best security service, only armed guards from MAX Security, India’s top agency as well as trained sniffer dogs are present at all time. Additionally, extra personnel are deployed on the floor dedicated solely to women travellers and guests.